Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easy Lamb Curry

Last night was OH's turn to cook and he picked a lamb curry (apparently its lamb week in our house!). It was a simple recipe but it made these huge steaming bowls of delicious curry that honestly serve 4 people easy on their own and if you were going to serve it with rice you would get 6 serves which is pretty damn good considering you need bugger all to whip it up! So here it is.....

And here's how you do it!

You need
500g diced lean lamb
1 tin diced tomatoes
1 bag baby spinach
1 onion diced
400g potatoes diced
1/3 cup curry paste of your choice
And I threw in a block of paneer cheese diced too.
2 x pappadums to serve

Quick side note - my wonderful friends at wikipedia tell me that paneer is of Indian origin. It is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese or curd cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or other food acid. Unlike most cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet as the coagulation agent, thus making it completely lacto-vegetarian and providing a source of protein for vegetarian Hindus.
I personally find that paneer doesn't have alot of flavour so it is great for use in curries or heavily spiced dishes, as it doesn't melt, it soaks up alot of the flavour and can be used to bulk up dishes much in the same way as tofu.

Ok back to the recipe. Brown the onion and lamb in a pan. Set aside.
Add potatoes and curry paste to the pan and cook for 1-2 mins or until fragrant.
Add diced tomatoes, onion and lamb. Simmer for 20 mins with the lid on, stirring occasionally.
Add the paneer and let simmer for another 10 mins.
Meanwhile cook your pappadums in the microwave.
Stir spinach through the curry and spoon into pappadums to serve.

Really tasty and doesn't require you to do alot except chuck everything in the pan and stir!

Hoep you all had a fantastic Friday!!

Em x

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