Thursday, November 4, 2010

I swear these new shoes just followed me home.....

I firmly believe that you should reward yourself in this life. For instance when I get money back at tax time I buy myself something and bank the rest, its kind of a saving incentive I suppose. If I have brought myself something or spent a bit of the money on a treat just for me then I am more inclined to save the rest you know? So given I'm about to get a pay out from my current job and go onto a bigger salary at my new job, I went out tonight and brought myself two new pairs of work shoes (which I needed) so it was both practical and exciting! And I also brought some lingerie at Bras N Things that I had been eyeing off for ages, they had a sale so why not! So here are the shoes I brought as my New Job Treat!

These are my practical yet gorgeous work shoes.

These will probably also be work shoes but will also be great for anytime really. The back of the shoe and the heel is patent leather but the sides are covered in a soft, stretchy almost transparent material and they have so much padding in them, they are like walking on air!!

And while I was browsing I found this...

I had to get it for OH, I don't know if you can read the packaging but it's a marshmallow skull and it comes with a red raspberry syrup pen to decorate it with! I was mega excited when I found awesome would it be for kids! Not only can they be creative but they also make themselves a tasty snack! Turns out however that it is not just for kids as OH was also particularly excited by it so I will post photos of what he comes up with!

Anyway, there is one delicious smelling lamb curry on the stove so I am going to eat and I will report on that tomorrow!

Em x

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