Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the absence of plans....

....the universe will always find something for you to do! Today I had no plans except for doing the groceries and passing out on the couch with an endless supply of tea and a good book...however, early this morning we got a txt msg from OH's niece saying she was bored, so I offered to go pick her and her younger sister up so they could spend the day at our place.

We started by making Harry Potter cupcakes.....

Then we had a fashion parade where OH and the groomsmen tried on their suits for the wedding and the girls scored them as they walked down the 'runway'....personally I think they scrubbed up really well!

Then we kicked the boys outside and we set ourselves up on the living room floor to make some jewellery.

The girls made themselves a bracelet and pair of earrings each and together we put together this charm bracelet which I thought was really cute!

We have just taken the girls home and I am exhausted, but it was a great day, I had heaps of fun, and in reality, heaps better then spending the day laying around doing nothing. We made a date for next Sunday as the girls want to get their own lil bead kits happening so they can make their own jewellery, I'm kinda chuffed that they wanna be like me...and just a tad clucky...but we don't need to tell OH that just yet!

Anyway, I am off for to lay on the couch with a book (just coz I didn't get to do it all day doesn't mean I shouldn't get to do it at all - at least now I've earn't it!!)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

Em x

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