Sunday, October 31, 2010

How come it's Sunday already??

Where the hell did this weekend go? I swear OH and I sit down and we go well next weekend we have this, and the next weekend we have this so I think we are free sometime around February next year? It sucks! But I was actually really excited about this weekends activites. On Friday night we went to the Halloween Masquerade Ball

I think I mentioned before it is kind of a night of burlesque and pole dancing acts but this time it all had a Halloween theme, it was fantastic, girls on poles doing the Thriller dance, zombies doing burlesque acts, it was just brilliant, the crowd were really getting into it and OH even managed to get a lap dance from one of the head line acts....don't worry it was part of the act and I gave him a good clip up the ears afterwards! The night really made me want to go and do the Burlesque course offered by the same place I did my pole dancing classes though. I might look into signing up the for next one this week.

Then yesterday we went on a Bandana Run with the Veterans Motorcycle Club for Canteen, there were heaps of bikes and even though it was a very overcast day it was still quite warm. Plus there is really nothing like the feeling of riding right in the middle of a pack of bikes, I can't wait to get my license!

And we have to finish up with a recipe!
On Thursday night we had some sizzle steaks with cauliflower on the side. I have had this recipe for cauliflower since I first began collecting recipes and have never made it, I am so glad I gave it a try though!

Cauliflower with Sour Cream and Bacon
500g cauliflower
2 tbspns sour cream extra light
1/2 cup spring onions diced
2 tbspns bacon chips (you could use real bacon, but we use the Masterfoods Bacon Chips which I prefer to real bacon)
1/2 cup grated extra light tasty cheese

Cut up your cauliflower and boil it on the stove until soft. Add bacon chips. Simmer for 2-3 mins.
Drain the caulfilower then stir through the rest of the ingredients and put back on the stove top. Keep stirring it so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan. Once cheese has melted and ingredients are combined, dish up!

Really easy and tasty way to have cauliflower, especially if you have kids (or partners) that need their vegies spiced up a bit!

Oh and we had our Halloween party last night, it was fantastic, the trick or treat bags were a hit, my friend and I decorated the shed and it looked spectacular with cobwebs and lanterns and candles plus a giant spider hanging from the roof, I have a feeling the Halloween party will become a tradition now!

Anyway I better go, we are off to tea with OH's Mum and I am dying for a cup of tea before we go!

Back tomorrow!!

Em x

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