Friday, October 1, 2010

The New Do!!

Ok - a brief overview of my hair history....when I was younger I had hair so long I could sit on it, I wore it in a plait all the time because it was so thick. Then at the beginning of Gr 7 I had it all cut off to my shoulders. To ease the pain of losing my hair, Mum got me some blonde foils. Over the years these gradually progressed through different shades of blonde, then into alternate stripes of blonde and red and eventually to a caramel and cherry. But the last few months I have been wanting a change, it's all very well and good to get a different shade of red or blonde in my foils, but it's not really DIFFERENT...and when I figured out yesterday I have had foils for 12 years now, that was the deciding factor. Spur of the moment decision I booked an appointment at the hairdresser and within an hour I was in the chair flipping through colour charts. Turns out my hair dresser and I both had similar ideas for what to do and we ended up choosing a deep plum so it's kind of a really dark colour with hints of red and purple through it in the light. I was mega nervous, but now that it's done - I LOVE IT! I have not had just one colour in my hair for so long...

This is the end result - please excuse my Lil Miss Naughty Pjs!

Anyway, just wanted to share as I was (and still am) a touch excited about it!

Em x

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