Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hits from the last few days!

Well I am still snowed under with the flu but I find if I get up and get moving I feel a bit better so I am just laying in bed having a cup of tea and some yoghurt before I go to polefit. Hopefully I'll sweat most of it out there! And i learnt my lesson last week, I will be doing yoga first thing this arvo to work out those knots and then hopefully I won't pull up so sore.

Anyway on Thursday morning I got up early and went for a walk because it was a Public Holiday here. Then I made this porridge with caramelised bananas. Not exactly healthy but oh so yummy. The porridge was creamy and soaked up the caramel sauce, the bananas were soft and delicious, it was such a nice brekkie!

Then we made this Paprika chicken on corn may be wondering why the corn is not mashed....I tried the masher, the baymix, the food processor and all I did was make alot of washing up, so we just had the corn as is. But my god was it good, totally overshadowed the chicken, and it was just cooked in some stock with garlic and thyme, definetly a new favourite!

And then yesterday I found this at Kmart, isn't he adorable! And he goes so perfectly with my Halloween kick at the moment that I just had to bring him home.

And while I was at Kmart I may have brought some black pin stripe it was only last summer that I felt confident enough to wear shorts...can I move on to capris? I know technically capris are longer and I am being a bit backwards here but I always thought stuff that stopped like just below my knees made me look stumpy...but at the moment I am also in a big vintage mood, I want vintage clothing and dresses and I am hoping these capris, with a nice black woolly jumper, a nice cinch belt and some heels will do the trick so I can wear them to the roller derby tonight...did I mention I was going to the roller derby tonight, so exciting, I can't wait!!

I am also on the track for raspberry essense..does anyone know where to get some because I can't find it in Tassie and I really think its the missing ingredient in the wedding cupcakes.

*sigh* well I really must get out of bed and go to polefit!

Happy Saturday everyone :) Ohhh and I'm attempting little pumpkin pies and pumpkin whoopie pies tomorrow as Halloween Baking Challenge #2...pumpkin overload!!

Em x

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