Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Party Planning, Pearls and Packet Marinade!

What a week it has been so far! Earlier this week we had the most awesome Moroccan Lamb Kebabs. I just used the Masterfoods packet marinade and it had so much flavour and served on a bed of basic cous cous (just made with vegetable stock) it was pure heaven!

And last night we went to Mum and Dad's for tea. Mum made her super awesome potato bake and chicken parmis which OH has been hanging out for for like the last 4 months! It was so yummy! Then Mum and I wrote out the wedding invites while Dad and OH were on enveloping duty! It is such a relief to have them done and they look fantastic, I couldn't have imagined anything more fitting to our theme

And Mum and Dad brought me back these gorgeous earrings from their trip. They are silver hoops with pearls and seeing as I am going through a pearl phase...but still love my hoops, they are very me!

And did I mention we are going to the Halloween themed Masquerade Ball on Fri night? Well it's not your average ball, the night is made up of cocktails, pole dancing and burlesque acts and some cabaret singers. The only rule is that you must dress up and you must wear a mask. We have only been once before and it was a great night, it actually started my love affair with pole dancing and burlesque and once we saw the next one was halloween themed, well we were sold! Anyway, I got my mask today, what do you think?

OH and I also agreed to have a Halloween party here on Sat night, nothing massive just a few friends, lots of decorations, some 8 ball, some food and copious amounts of lollies! Look at the some of the cool stuff I picked up today!

I decided to make Trick or Treat bags for everyone coming and have filled them with lollies and some pairs of the lil bobble heads in the last photo. I also got some spiderwebs to hang around the beams in the shed and a big cob web wall hanging with inflatable spiders stuck to it! It's all very exciting to be honest! And how cute are the plates and the serviettes....I am seriously thinking about buying plain ones so we don't need to use them!

Anyway, I must be off, mexican stuffed capsicums to make!!

Em x

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