Friday, October 8, 2010

Catch Up Time!

Where have I been the last few days!? I was doing so well, an entry every day and then I just disappeared! Well it's ok, coz I'm back now.

It all started on Thurs night when I made Ham and Cheese Pancakes

They are really easy and so yummy, but best eaten straight out of the fry pan so these cheese is still melty. I made mine in the pancake maker though because I find it easier then the fry pan, you don't get those hot spots that stick and you don't have to worry about flipping them! They were great and they had like carrot, zucchini, fetta, normal cheese and ham in them, so many flavours and you got your vegies as well. Although next time I think I might reduce the actual pancake base but leave the vegie, ham and cheese quantities the same just so you get more filling and less pancake in every ite if that makes sense!?

Yesterday we went out for a family lunch with OH's family to a cafe at Richmond which is about 30 mins drive from home. The place was called Ashmores and it is a quaint little corner cafe and they serve these huge homely meals like quiches and pot pies, devonshire teas and old fashioned spiders, there was so much to choose from and everything sounded delicious. I settled on a toasted vegetable panini which had tomato, cheese, pesto, capsicum, spinach and mushies in it and it came with a beautiful side salad or fries. I got the fries but OH ate them all so that was ok! I was so glad I settled on that though because it was fantastic and I have been craving a toasted panini for awhile now! That kept me full until about 9pm last night when we had some soup and a piece of fresh buttered bread out of our new bread maker. You may have read a few months ago we borrowed my parents bread maker to see if we would like one? Well OH's Mum ended up giving us hers and last night was our first test run which resulted in this lil loaf of wholemeal bread

And last night I also made Mars Bar Slice for OH's lunches, it is so very easy to make and really who can go past a good mars bar slice!!

You simply melt 3 chopped mars bars with 60g butter...combine that with 2 cups of rice bubbles and spread into a lined slice tin. Then melt 200g of chocolate with 30g of butter and spread that over the top and chuck it in the fridge to set. Could it be any easier!?

It is a beautiful day here and I have just got back from a trip to town with Mum and Dad. Mum and I found this clothing sale where nearly everything was $4.95....I ended up with two work shirts and two long line vesty cardigan thingys for around $ cool is that! I love a good bargain...

I am stalling now, I have three lots of selection criteria to do and so far this weekend I have washed my car, been grocery shopping, visited friends, clothing shopping in town, dusted the house...and now I am blabbering to you in an effort to avoid it...I hate doing criteria. Hmph. And OH is out in the shed with a group of his mates having a bbq and drinking and watching Bathurst in the sun, which just makes me even more cranky about being stuck inside! Ok ok I'm going...

This week I think we are making a Smokey Beef Casserole, going to Mum and Dad's, having brocolli out of our very own vegie patch and making fish burgers!?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Em x

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