Sunday, June 3, 2012

We're Back!!!!

How time flies!

Just over a month ago Mr B and I set off on our big adventure - and what an adventure it was!

We couldn't have asked for anything more for our honeymoon, it was beautiful and romantic and inspiring and crazy and amazing and everything inbetween.

We ate lots of great food - Baileys Cheesecake and Deep Dish Apple Pie in Ireland, Pizza, Gelato and real Mozarella in Italy, Frogs Legs, Escargot, Crepes, Eclairs, Baguettes, Macarons and Croissants in Paris........

We saw some amazing sights - The Giants Causeway, The Ring of Kerry, a whole town and a pub named after Mr B, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, Spanish Steps, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence, Venice, Rialto Bridge, Capri, Sorrento, St Marks Square, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Arch De Triumph, The Opera House in Paris - oh my god so many things, so many memories!

Every day we saw and did something amazing.........

Let me show you just a sneak peak.........

The captin and our camper van in Ireland
Mr B and his hawk Joyce on a 'Hawk Walk' around the grounds of Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle
Kylemore Abbey
Ross Castle at Kilarney
The view from our camper spot at Eagle Point, Ireland
One thing we learn on the trip - Mrs B has issues using the timer on the camera
Deep Dish Apple Pie and Baileys Cheesecake in Waterford, Ireland
At the Jamesons Factory, Middleton, Ireland
'Tynans Bridge House Bar' in Kilkenney
The Giants Causeway
Mr B at the Colosseum!
Enjoying the sun and a cruise around Capri, Italy
Sorrento, Italy
On our roof top in Florence
Pizza at Pisa!
Lunch in Verona - best potato pizza ever!
Mr and Mr B arrive in Venice, Italy
Our last night in Italy - pizza all round!!
Pizza and gelato...all part of a balanced diet!
A croissant and a baguette underneath the Eiffel Tower on our first day in Paris!
Freshly made crepes for with nutella and one with cheese!
Standing outside the Moulin Rouge at 11pm and it was practically still daylight!
A real French Patisserie....and two drooling Aussie tourists!
Possibly the best chocolate and coffee eclairs in the history of the entire world....
We could not visit Paris without trying some of the local specialties....snails anyone?
How about some frogs legs?
One of the very cool gargoyles that watch over Paris from Notre-Dame was totally worth the walk up 400+ stairs just to see these!
Mr B thinking at the Rodin Museum with 'The Thinker'

And that, dear friends, was The Honeymoon Tour!!

So we are now back to reality and saving for our next big adventure, but in the mean time it is back to business (and baking!) and we have already whipped up a gorgeous and delicious cake ready to show you in the next day or so - I did miss my kitchen while I was away!

Mr and Mrs B x

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