Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!

This is a belated birthday post for my see we just made it home from our honeymoon in time for Mum's Bday, and after missing Mothers Day, this is one special occasion wild horses (or long distance flights) wouldn't keep us away from. 

The big event was last weekend and Mum and Dad had gone away for a few days to one of their favourite B&B's so, of course, Mr B and I went to visit and have lunch with them.....

Unfortunately there was a small communication error (can you see the cheeky gleam in my Dad's eye......) which resulted in me sitting in the car in the driveway of the B&B while Mr B went to knock on the window as there was no other car in the driveway but we could see movement in the kitchen so we assumed Mum and Dad had parked somewhere else.....right at the last second (as Mr B is yelling out to the occupants that we have arrived...Mum and Dad call to see where we are....I say 'why we are in your driveway'....Mum and Dad say 'no you're not'.....and we quickly discover Mr B and I are at the wrong address and I usher him back in the car before he waltz' into the cottage demanding a cup of tea! Mum and Dad are still laughing hysterically when we get to the correct address.....

And what birthday celebration would be complete without cake? I was on a french theme and tried to create a Fraisier cake....think light fluffy sponge packed full of strawberries and thick creme patisserie......yum yum yum...a special cake for a special Mum on a special occasion!

Happy Birthday Mum!!! 

Lots of Love Mr and Mrs B xx

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