Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday night musings.....

Well another weekend has come and gone before we even knew it had arrived!

It all kicked off on Friday night, poor Mr B was exhausted and asleep on the couch by 5pm so being the good little house wife I am, I left him a steak and some chips out on the bench ready to be cooked and took myself out to dinner with the ladies from work.

We went to a restaurant called The Drunken Admiral down on the waterfront. It's a fantastic little seafood place and the atmosphere and menu there just go hand in hand with a great night out. The meals did not disappoint with everyone oohing and aahing over everyone else's mains. I had pan fried blue-eye rubbed with Indian spices and served with coconut rice and mint yoghurt - totally as good as it sounds! Just when we thought we could not be anymore satisfied......they brought out the dessert menu. A few of us decided to share the 'Undecided Dessert Plate' which was supposed to be a dessert tasting plate to serve 2 people and every night they change what is on it. Ours came out with some lemon curd (that tasted like the perfect lemon meringue pie filling), a twist on a summer pudding (which was a lovely fruit jelly topped with a vanilla bean custard), some chocolate mousse topped with shaved chocolate and a bowl of macadamia ice cream....excuse me while I slip blissfully into dessert heaven!! (Thanks Netty for the photo!!)


Saturday was a bit cold and miserable so Mr B and I organised a lunch / shopping date with his Mum and sister. First thing's first though, we had to feed our lil babies...........

At the moment we have 13 sheep staying in our back paddock and 5 of them are ready to have lamb's any day now! It is quite funny to see all their little personalities come out and the way they follow us around (like sheep!!) when we go for a walk up there.  

Lunch was lovely too - I didn't have the camera with me, but I had the biggest pineapple fritters I have ever also didn't hurt that the pineapple was soaked in rum and vanilla before it was battered either! 

After lunch we were people 'with no purpose,' as Mr B's Mum put it, but somehow we managed to cover a fair bit of ground (and shop up a storm while we were at it!). By the time Mr B and I got home it was dark and time for dinner and a warm bed! 

As for today, well this morning I woke up and thought it was Monday, then I thought it was Thursday, then I thought maybe Friday....eventually I figured out it was Sunday so I got up and got Mr B and I some brekkie in bed - only way to spend a Sunday morning, lying in bed with a coffee and some hot buttery english muffins!

When we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, we went to visit some friends of ours who have recently had a little bub. I have been trying to restrain myself, but couldn't hold out anymore, there was a cute, newborn little baby with my name all over it for hugs! He was a gorgeous little boy and slept peacefully the whole time we were there (cluck cluck!!)

A quick trip to the supermarket later and the only thing left to do for the day was dive into the kitchen. I whipped up these Date and Banana Muffins using the recipe for my Date Loaf and I just added 2 chopped bananas into the date mixture before I microwaved it. These are really delicious and I can't wait to try one with some butter and a cup of tea!

Sheppard's Pie for dinner....ssshhhh don't tell the sheep!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend 

Mr and Mrs B xx

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