Sunday, March 11, 2012

I scream, You scream....

We all scream for icecream!!

Yes it's true, we suffer a serious weakness in our house.

I mean we suffer several weaknesses really....frosting, licking the bowl, crunchy melty cheese, buttery toast, shoes, cute clothes that are really really cheap....

Ok to be honest most of those are my weaknesses, but Mr B's major weakness is ice cream....once a tub of icecream is opened it is like he is compelled to sit down and finish it and I cannot even begin to describe the number of nights I have listened to him complain about the icecream headache or the icecream belly ache or beg me to take the tub away from him....

So a few Christmas' ago when Mum and Dad brought us a cuisinart soft serve machine, I thought it would save us a tonne of money as we could just make all the icecream we ever wanted right here at home. But the machine was big, and it involved alot of washing up and after awhile we put it away and forgot about it...

....until last week! When I thought maybe we should give it another go....and the universe obviously agreed because I saw one of my friends post this recipe on facebook for what she described as the most 'lush' tasting icecream ever.

I was sold.

So the first batch I made, I added 2 tbspns banana topping to, it was creamy banana icecream heaven.

And the second batch I added a packet of crushed up Vanilla Icecream Oreos and oh my god we nearly ate it all straight out of the icecream maker, it was that damn good!

So let me share with you the recipe :)

1 egg
1/2 cup milk
600ml thickened cream
3/4 cup sugar
1 tspn vanilla paste (don't use the essence, it's so much nicer with the good stuff!)

Heat the sugar and 1/3 cup of the cream in the microwave, just so the sugar dissolves so only for say 40 seconds - just keep an eye on it.

Combine all ingredients in a jug and mix well.

Turn your ice cream maker on.

Pour in the ingredients.

If you want to add any extras like banana topping or chocolate syrup or something you can do that now, but if you want to add chunky extras like crushed up oreos or tim tams or mint slice bikkies, then wait until the icecream has started to set a little.

And hey presto! We let ours go for about 30 mins I think, and then just scooped it all into a container and put it in the freezer overnight to let it firm up :) This recipe makes around 1L so for normal people, about a weeks worth, for Mr B....roughly 2 nights, sometimes only 1 night!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend :)

Mrs B xx

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