Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pizza and a Slice of Roller Derby!

Last night OH and I decided to make pizza for tea before we went to our first roller derby game! I was so excited, not only was it the first game of the season but it was the first public game of the league in general down here. Anyway, back to the pizza! OH has perfected his dough to make a thin, light and soft base that is to die for and last night we had it with capsicum, tomato paste, ham, cheese and some pizza herbs. It was so good we had to make another one for lunch today!

Are you seeing my point? Doesn't it look awesome!?

Anyway, after scoffing half a pizza each we headed out to the roller derby. The place was packed and it was great to see so many people dressed up in their finest rockabilly and vintage gear, and the shoes...oh the shoes were to die for! The derby was great to watch, the girls were really getting into each other and putting all their effort into it. I need to brush up on some of the rules though coz sometimes I wasn't sure why points were awarded and other times when I thought they should have been given they weren't lol but the crowd nearly tore the place down everytime the local girls got in front which was great to see. The next round down here is in November and I am planning my outfit and looking forward to the night already!

I have been baking most of today, I will show you what I made tomorrow!

It has been a busy weekend, I went to polefit yesterday and we tried some latin dancing moves which was so much fun! And I am not in the ridiculous amount of pain I was last Sunday which is good, maybe I am growing muscles! Then I spent some time with Mum and Dad who had just got back from QLD and went to the derby last night. Today we did the groceries, the baking, had a visit from OH's Mum and OH's 2 yr old nephew who is a real sweetheart, he was quite taken with the ride on mower!

Ok I really am going this time...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend xx


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