Friday, October 29, 2010

Mega Exciting News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I quit my job this morning!!! Yup I resigned, lil ol me! Who'd have thought, in the last few months I have been saying I wanted to go and looking around and applying flat out, but when it came to the crunch and people offered me jobs I talked myself out of it and ended up turning down 4 jobs in like 6 weeks....not cool, OH was literally about to disown me. But I had an interview on Wed this week, got offered the job last night and I am so very excited about it! It's a change from what I'm doing now, no more payroll, well I'll take payroll enquiries, but thats it, and I'll be doing workers comp and recruitment and more HR stuff and it's exactly what I wanted and a bit more $$ in the pocket too...did I mention I'm slightly hyperactive / over excited about this whole thing?? So I handed in my notice this morning, finish up on the 26th of Nov (same day as our work xmas dinner and OH's bucks night...) and start the new job on the 29th of Nov (OH's Bday) so I have told OH this year we are having his bday on the 28th, now I just need to figure out what to do for it...Anyway did I mention WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *insert happy dance here*

HAPPY FRIDAY! Oh and I am seriously rocking out in my bandana today, will post photos tomorrow!

Em x


  1. I can tell your excited :)
    Well done on the change. It feels awesome to get something more interesting.

    I resigned in May last year without having a new job. I had turned down quite a few because they didn't "suit" me, but that was the catalyst for finding the job I really wanted... and here I am!!

    I hope it all goes awesomely :)

    (Oh, and you seem to be starting a trend. Ellen resigned too!)

  2. Thanks Jess : )

    I think that was the thing, I got offered jobs but they weren't really what I wanted and there was no point leaving one bad job for another. I'm glad I held out now!

    I know I saw that, it must be in the air!

  3. New beginnings!! How exciting! What a happy Friday it is for you! Good for you! I hope it works out well! :)

  4. That is wonderful news. A HUGE congratulations to you!



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