Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Round-Up!

Mr B and I have had such a HUGE weekend.....and we are totally exhausted so this is going to be a short post because we want to get some sleep!! 

On Friday night we got home from work and got all dolled up to go to my work Christmas party. Initially we weren't going, but for the last week or so absolutely everyone has been on my case about it including my boss and I mean really, when your boss tells you you're're going! 

Anyway, we were both really glad we went because not only did we dance ourselves silly and have a great time catching up with everyone but I won some awards! I was extremely proud and honoured to the recipient of the CEO's Award for Excellence which is given to the staff member who best represents our motto of being 'Committed to Care.' I had no idea I would be receiving the award or that that was the reason everyone was so concerned about whether Mr B and I were attending or not, so I was completely taken by surprise and my hands were shaking so much Mr B had to hold the award for me! 

That was incredible enough, but whilst I was receiving the award, my boss also presented me with a certificate that arrived in the mail at work that very day....the certificate was made out to me and was for our Girls Night In for Breast Cancer back in October - it was to thank us for being the '9th Highest Fundraiser in Tasmania for 2012! I was completely stoked by that and again very proud and very honoured. 

Mr B and I had a bit of a sleep in on Saturday and then got stuck back into cleaning and painting out the bar.....whilst we were working hard, the lambs decided to relax and chill out on the pergola....

And today we were back into the painting again! I called it quits just after lunch because I had Christmas pudding to make!! My pot was a little small though so Mr B rigged me up with a Pudding Suspension System! While the pudding cooked I made a rainbow cake for Mr B to take to work tomorrow and I also made our Christmas Crackers!! I'll show you the finished pudding and crackers, and how you can do it all yourself, later in the week! 

I hope you had a great and productive weekend too!

Mrs B xx 


  1. Em what a wonderful reward for your dedication to your cause, work and life in general. You are amazing keep on keeping on. Your Xmas Pudding bought a smile to the dial...... Xxxxx



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