Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well Christmas has come and gone for another year and I must say that even though there are times in the lead up when I think oh my goodness is all of this really worth it for one day, but as always we had such a fantastic and fun day that I would without hesitation say hell yes it's worth it! 

As this was the first time Mr B and I were hosting Christmas, the weeks proceeding the big day were full of things like shopping for dinner sets and things to decorate the table with, not to mention the usual Christmas Baking and then someone (namely me....) decided it would be a great idea to make Christmas Crackers and Centrepieces for the table too (which it really was because they turned out awesome!) ....all whilst we were busy each night re-painting Mr B's bar.....

These little centrepieces were so easy to make and they are so cute!!

The bar was re-painted and back together just in time for the traditional Christmas Eve game of 8 ball and for like the first time ever, Mr B and I won! Although we did lose the first annual Christmas Eve foosball game...... 

The lillies (thanks Mum and Dad!) came out just in time for the big day! Mr B and I actually got to sleep in for a change, Mum and Dad came over at about 9am and we sat down with a coffee whilst we opened our presents, very civilised! (Did I mention we got totally spoilt?!) 

The Christmas table was all set and looking divine....

Then we added some food and it went from looking divine to looking delicious!! 

Although it doesn't take long for everyone to dig in and delicious turns to oh my god how do I loosen these pants! 

The only way to stop eating was to physically leave the table so we changed rooms and sat down to open some more presents.....

Then Mr B and I went up to Mum and Dad's for the afternoon where Mum and I had our first ever glass of champagne together...

....I'm still not entirely sure it's for me, but I'm getting used to it!


Someone (namely me again) thought it would be a good idea to give the boys paddle bats with rubber balls attached....turns out it wasn't a good idea because they just tried to hit each other with them! 

Luckily Chuck Norris (gnome style) stepped in to save the day! 

Then it was time for Mr B and I to go home and exchange presents (Spolt again!! Helllllooo new handbag!!!)

Mr B didn't do too bad either! 

And that was that. Bellies full, eyelids drooping, cheeks sore from laughter, heads full of happy memories - what a fantastic Christmas!

Mr and Mrs B xox

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