Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mr B's Birthday

Last Thursday was Mr B's birthday so let me just start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR B!!! 

As usual, Mr B was totally adamant that he just wanted a quiet birthday, no fuss, no surprises, just a nice normal relaxing day. 

And as usual, I ignored him. 

The festivities began the week before Mr B 's birthday. You see Mr B unfortunately had to work on his actual birthday and despite my consistent begging, he refused to have the day off. That just meant I had to get sneaky about the celebrations, which I do every year so really I had no issue with it. I roped Dad into my evil plan and he was more than happy to help. Dad arranged for a bike run and told Mr B that a group of them were going to go for a ride and stop for lunch somewhere. Meanwhile I spoke to all of Mr B's friends and got them on board with my plan too.

The day of the ride arrived and it was a beautiful sunny day. A group of us set off, sun shining on our backs, wind in our faces, it was lovely....and then all of a sudden Dad indicated and turned off the highway, Mr B was confused (and slightly agitated because he thought Dad was taking us all to a garden shop....) and then he saw the big sign that said Tas Laser Skirmish and it dawned on him....he had a few choice words to say to me, but I could hear the smile in his voice and knew he was grinning somewhere under that helmet. We pulled up in the car park and it just got better because all of Mr B's friends were there waiting for him and Mr B was slightly put out that they were all in on it and no one told him a thing!

The boys split into two teams (Team Mr B vs. Team Dad) and got all kitted out in their army fatigues. Next step was choosing your laser gun and everyone chose the little gun....except Mr B and Dad who chose the biggest possible one they could get....

This was Team I know they look like they would be the most organised team....but they went into each and every game with no plan of attack what so ever.....

This was the motley crew known as Team Mr B.....proving that looks can be deceiving, they actually had a strategy!

This was the boys learning how to use their laser guns.....

And this was the group shot right before they 'went to war'

'Everyone shoot the birthday boy!!!'

It was such a great day. The girls decided to sit the whole war thing out, so we parked ourselves in a shady spot overlooking the 'war zone' and watched it all unfold. The game went for around 2.5 hours and in that time they played around 5-6 different games, each one with a different area to cover, fort to defend etc. Once that first whistle blew, the adrenalin kicked in and the boys became soldiers It was hilarious from where we were because there would be total silence and we couldn't see anyone at all, then all of a sudden there would be gun-fire and boys ducking, diving, running and rolling in all directions! Highlights from the day would have to be Mr B getting 'accidentally' shot by one of his own team mates and Dad playing dead in the last game of the day in order to seek revenge and take out the title of 'Last Man Standing.' At the end of the day Team Mr B were victorious, but the important thing was that everyone had a great time, although over the next day or two we did learn that you should always stretch before going to war!! 

Now a few days later, we had the actual day of Mr B's birthday. I had things planned for the evening, but not so much for during the day because Mr B was at work. That bothered me. Firstly you just shouldn't work on your birthday and secondly if you absolutely have to work, then it should be memorable. So I got on the phone and organised a surprise....and then I waited. Later that afternoon I got a txt msg from Mr B that again involved some choice words (he really doesn't do surprises) and then another one that was a photo of the Happy Birthday balloon and single red rose I had delivered to his job site. I am evil so I can totally understand the choice words, but as the afternoon wore on, Mr B was actually quite pleased and impressed because all the other boys were jealous that they never got things like that delivered to them! 

After work Mr B had a visit from his Mum so I disappeared up the road to get some supplies for dinner. It was a beautiful warm evening and a perfect time to christen our new pergola with a cold whiskey and bbq chicken and chip sandwiches! It was just so lovely and relaxing out there!

Then it was inside for the most important part....presents and cake!!! Given the roller coaster ride we have had with our little lambs this year, a lamb / sheep cake was absolutely the only option. The only problem was it was far too cute to cut!! 


Mrs B xx

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