Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday Night Shenanigans

I tell you what, normally if unexpected visitors showed up for dinner I would graciously hide behind the couch and pretend I wasn't home.....but last night when Mr B and I got home from work and found these two on our doorstep, how could we say no?

I have mentioned previously that we currently have a few sheep in our back paddock, around half of which are expecting. These two were born yesterday and unfortunately they had been abandoned by their Mothers, but never fear, Mr B and I are here!! We soon scooped the little bundles of wool up, brought them inside and made them a warm bottle of milk. Blossom and Loud Mouth spent the night in the laundry and lucky enough they are just the most adorable things I have ever seen so I didn't even swear or stamp my feet when it came time for the midnight bottle feeds! It will be a touch and go few weeks, but we will do everything we can to give them the best start in life. 

And being a Tuesday, Mum and Dad were coming for dinner last night, so not only did they get to meet the lambies and give them a feed, they also got treated to these Greek Chicken Burgers and a Chocolate and Caramel Dacquoise Terrine (more on that one tomorrow night!) aka 'messy tea night.' 

These chicken burgers were easy, delicious and packed full of flavour! 

All you will need is:

 500g chicken mince
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1 tbspn Gourmet Garden Mediterranean Herbs
1 egg
200g fetta, crumbled
1 cup light sour cream
225g can beetroot slices drained and sliced
1 lebanese cucumber diced
4 turkish pide rolls cut in half
4 lettuce leaves
2 medium tomatoes sliced
1 small red onion sliced into rings

Combine the chicken mince, breadcrumbs, herbs, egg and fetta in a large bowl. You are going to have to get your hands in there and make sure it is all well combined.

Shape the mixture into 4 even sized patties and place on a lined baking tray. Sit the patties in the fridge for an hour to firm up.

In a small bowl, combine the sour cream, beetroot and cucumber. Season with salt and pepper and place in the fridge.

Take the burgers out of the fridge and cook in a heated fry pan or on a bbq plate for 8-10 mins each side or until cooked through. The cooking time will depend on how thick your patties are so say 4-5 mins each side if they are 'burger style' or 8-10 mins if they are 'rissole style.'

To assemble the rolls, place a lettuce leaf, some red onion and tomato on the base of each roll. Top with a burger and a generous amount of the sour cream mixture. Serve with the top half of the roll and prepare to get messy!!

And now I'm off to have a nap before 9pm feed time rolls around!!


Mrs B xx

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