Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 Years......

One upon a time I met this man who turned my world inside out and upside down. 

5 years later, I'm married to that man, and proud to be his wife and call him my husband. 

So much so that I made him pancakes with blueberry yoghurt, whipped cream, maple syrup and a cup of tea  for breakfast in bed to celebrate the occasion. 

We headed away for the weekend to a spot just 40 mins south of where we live, called Woodbridge and stayed in this little cabin overlooking the D'entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. If the view wasn't enough to make you feel like you were in paradise, the luxurious cabins will be. Each cabin is fitted out with a different local Tasmanian timber - the cabin we stayed in was called Myrtle. They are set out in an open plan style with the bedroom, a fully stocked kitchen  (think fresh bread, eggs, bacon and orange juice) and lounge (complete with huge reclining leather lounge suite) all in one and floor to ceiling windows opening up onto the deck where your bbq and hammock await - all of which is perfect to just relax and soak up the view.   

However, it would be totally understandable if you chose to bypass all of this and spend your weekend in the bathroom.....yep, you heard me....the bathroom. There is a gorgeous spa bath that is long and deep enough to stretch out in, big bay windows that open up onto the deck so you can enjoy the view while you soak, a double shower so you don't have to fight over the water temperature or who goes first, and a heated towel rail...and wait for it.....heated floor tiles! Now heated floor tiles might not seem like much to anyone else, but in Tassie where it's freezing at this time of year, getting up in the middle of the night and not having to do the tip toe dance across cold bathroom tiles is brilliant. 

On the way down to Woodbridge, we stopped at a place called Grandvewe Cheese. Grandvewe is a local cheesery specialising in products using sheep's milk. We were lucky enough to be given a sample of some of their products and settled on not one, but two containers of their White Pearl Cheese which is described as a 'creamy soft persian style feta with low salt and subtle marinade. A light fresh curd, subtly marinated in Olive Oil, Lemon Thyme and Pepper.' That night we enjoyed the cheese with some fresh bread, biscuits and tomato and it was delicious! 

The next morning we woke up nice and early to the sun shining in our window as it rose up over the water. It was a beautiful day and as we looked down to the mist rolling over the water, it felt like we had just woken up on top of the world. 

Mr B cooked up some eggs and bacon on toast for brekkie and we sat out on the deck in the sunshine - I never thought we would be sitting outside having breakfast in the middle of winter! 

Seeing as we were up and about so early (one of the benefits of being woken up by the sun rise) we decided to take a drive down to Cygnet for a look around, and do some speed fishing on the way. Speed fishing was basically where we found a spot, jumped out, had a fish for 10-15 mins before packing up and moving onto the next one! It was basically our way of testing a few spots in order to find the one we would 'settle in' at for the afternoon. 

We stocked up on supplies at Cygnet (always handy when you go away for the weekend and forget to pack the toothbrushes!) and headed back to our chosen spot at Three Hut Point. We were very excited as the fisheries sign at the jetty said the area was good for catching squid and octopus and we thought we might be able to catch something for dinner. We were even more excited when we looked off the end of the jetty and saw a squillion crabs just hanging around! Now let me explain that Mr B and I have been attempting this whole fishing caper for a few years now....we are by no means fishermen....we still squeal and jump around in excitement if we happen to catch you can imagine what we were like when Mr B was bringing up crab after crab! We only caught enough for our dinner and put the rest back safe and sound and just enjoyed sitting in the sunshine in such a spectacular spot. 

Back at our cosy little cabin, we stoked the wood fire and set off into the surrounding bush for a stroll.....which actually turned out to be more like a slog through the mud, but it was still fun! 

When we got back we treated ourselves to another awesome cheese platter for tea, but this time we has a special addition - fresh crab meat that Mr B had boiled up with some salt and pepper to season. 

After dinner we had a long soak in the spa and curled up on the big couch to watch the moon cast shimmering reflections out over the channel. 

And this is what we woke up to this morning.....see what I mean about waking up on top of the world? Both literally and figuratively in this place! 

Mr B whipped up some delightful scrambled eggs for breakfast using the last of our White Pearl cheese, which we enjoyed with some bacon, toast and coffee on the deck before we packed our bags and sadly said Goodbye to our little cabin. 

It was lovely to get away and spend the weekend relaxing in our own piece of paradise. 

Mrs B xx

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