Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Love Shoes and Cupcakes

How time flies when you're having fun! 

I have officially been boring you with my stories and ranting at you with my tales of all things love, shoes, cupcakes and kitchen related for two years now! This last twelve months has been massive, we have
  • survived another RSPCA Cupcake Day and just about to enter our 5th year of it 
  • Mr B has changed jobs (twice...maybe 3 times!)
  • officially become Mr and Mrs B with the wedding of the century 
  • Mr B and I both got new cars
  • I got my bike license
  • celebrated milestone birthdays 
  • seen my Mum and Dad move into a caravan on their block while they build their dream home
  • explored Tasmania on our mini-moon 
  • explored Europe on our honeymoon
  • celebrated being together for 5 years
  • and welcomed some little lambies into our family

All of this requires celebrating (and quite some time to recover from!) so you know me, what better way to celebrate then with a cake?!

I racked my brains (and my cookbooks) trying to find something perfect and I was coming up with all sorts of complex over the top fancy things to make....then Mum and Dad said 'why don't you just keep it simple and go back to basics' 

Ding....light bulb moment......

I have always wanted to make the pool cake out of the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book but never had a reason to make it....HELLO since when did I need a reason!? Plus surely the 2nd birthday of the blog and all the excitement of the last 12 months is reason enough!?

This is how it went down....

Make a cake using blue jelly crystals....dig out a 'pool' and frost the whole thing with chocolate buttercream
Do some renovations and some landscaping by adding a ladder, fence and grass
Fill your pool with 'water' and then invite friends around for a 'swim'

I am so so happy with the way this turned out, the vibrant blue jelly in the pool, the little people bobbing around, the crocodile in the coconut grass and the little chocolate ladder, it's all spectacular and I am so proud of it - plus it was delicious!!

Thank you to Mr B and my Mum and Dad for putting up with another year of my crazy baking and for helping me demolish all the cake - I tried to make a small cake, but we all know I just can't!!

And thank you to everyone that stops by for a read too!

Mrs B xx


  1. what a fun cake ;-) congrats on your milestones ... have loved reading about them ;-)

  2. Thanks Cathy, it was heaps of fun to make (and to eat!) - now to see what the next 12 months brings :)

  3. Nettie says congratulations +++++++ to all your achievements and hope it won't be long and the little platter of feet will be added to make all your dreams come true. Love to you both. Xxx



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