Sunday, April 10, 2011

Round 2 of the Easter Baking Madness

It is officially filled easter egg madness around here! We have caramel filled white chocolate eggs, caramel filled chocolate eggs, rocky road eggs with marshmallow and turkish delight and even some filled with starburst lollies (purely at OH's request!)

Above we have caramel filled white chocolate and starburst filled chocolate and below we have caramel filled chocolate and rocky road!

Nom nom nom nom!!!

I think I need to stop now coz I wanna make some with nutella fillings and rum and raisin fillings and the possibilities are just endless!! Did I mention I have some caramel and some strawberry filled bunnies setting in the fridge - someone stop me!!

Oh and I went to Habitat today...god I love that shop, it just makes me happy you know? And look what I got - a big glass heat proof board and it has all these old fashioned recipes for gingerbread and sponge cakes and chocolate cakes on it - it's so adorable!

Hope your all having a great weekend!!

Em x

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