Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Easter Holiday Round Up!

Well we had a pretty busy Easter....

It all began on Friday with lunch at Mum and Dad's - homemade Hot Cross Buns, Cheese, Biscuits, Chocolate Dip and most importantly thought I was going to say chocolate didn't you....

Well never fear, the Easter Eggs are here!!

After a very satisfying lunch, OH and I jumped on a plane for Melbourne where we spent our first night indulging in Lord of the Fries and some Rockstar Bowling!

The next day we had a hearty breakfast of Spanish Donuts and Irish Cream flavoured Hot Chocolates, went to Brunswick, did some shopping, got ready for a night out and met one of OH's friends for a few 'manly' cocktails

Then we went out for dinner where lil ol vegetarian me had my first beef schnitzel which came with buffalo mozarella, roast capsicum, tomatoes and polenta chips! Delicious!! It even got the thumbs up from OH!

Sunday started off down at Ackland St, St Kilda....decisions, decisions....

We eventually settled on the perfect breakfast - strawberry meringues! But they ended up lasting us all day!

Then it was out to Luna Park for some hair raising excitement and a leisurely stroll out and along the pier.

Sunday night we went to a burger place called Grill'd (highly highly recomment it - best burgers EVER!) for tea and rocked out at the Disturbed concert.

Monday morning we had our traditional last day in Melbourne Pancake Parlour brekkie which included Swiss Malt Milkshakes!

But I couldn't finish mine....luckily OH was happy to assist!

Then it was time to jump on the plane home!!

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break :)

Em xx

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