Monday, October 15, 2012

Kitchen Improvements

Not long after Mr B and I moved into our home 4 years ago, we discovered a problem. 

Well Mr B calls it a problem, I call it a collection. 

You see I have accumulated a couple of cook books in my time, all of which I use, all of which I love - some are full of my recipes, some have my Mum's in them, some of the books have been passed down from my Mum and my Nan, some are full of things I'm building up to being able to bake and all of them are full of inspiration. 

When we moved into this house there was nowhere for them in the kitchen besides a small cupboard under the microwave where I would practically have to pull every single book out everytime I was looking for one inparticular and it was impossible to just browse.....which meant I ended up pulling all the books out and putting them in our spare room so I could see them. 

This in itself led to another problem.

My books weren't in the kitchen and if I wanted to look through them I had to go into the spare room, sit on the floor and scatter them all around me. It led to that same problem, I just couldn't browse, and unless I knew exactly what I was looking for it was impossible to make good use of all those beautiful books.

So Mr B came up with an idea, he would build me a shelf. This worked out well because Mr B got to use his brilliant wood work and design skills and well I got a shelf and we got our spare room back. Mind you this whole shelf building business started 12 months ago, but we have been busy you know! 

About a fortnight ago, Mr B proudly hung the shelf in the kitchen and I was busily putting my books on it before he had even packed the tools up! Doesn't it look beautiful! 

Mrs B xx 


  1. Nice! Did he do all the carving? its awesome if he did!

  2. Thank you :) He most certainly did!



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