Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Recently a very special man in my life celebrated a milestone...

My Dad turned 50!

Now if you knew my Dad you would know that he is unique. He is an 18yr old boy stuck in a man's body, sometimes I swear him and Mr B only have one brain cell between them and they share it....they really are hopeless together....but at the same time he is a family man, he goes antiquing, he gardens, he reads AND when you look at him I mean he has the beard and the jewellery and he rides a Harley so he comes across on face value like a big tough bikie....but again he is a big teddy bear who doesn't even swear (and if he ever does, by God you know you're in the poo....). And that's my Dad. He is unique, he is special, he treats my Mum like a queen and me like a princess and now, he's just that little bit older too!!

So for his birthday, Mum, Dad, Mr B and I went away up north for a few days.

We went on a beautiful cruise up the Tamar River....

We played a horrendous game of mini golf, but we are still recovering from the traumatic events of that....

So moving on...seeing as Dad has managed to make it through 50 years with never having tried an oyster at all, the boys did it in style with Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters...

Never to be outdone, I decided we would have shots - but slightly more civilied versions with Baileys, Kahlua and Frangelico...no snotty oysters insight!

And of course what sort of birthday would be complete without a cake...and a cake replica of Dad's tank at that!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Mrs B x

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