Sunday, March 4, 2012

Accidental Successes.....

So everytime I go to make buttercream frosting I end up making way too much, like I mean waaaaaaaaaayyy too much. It starts off ok with the butter and the icing sugar and then somewhere in the mix of trying to get the flavours and the consistency's right I end up with a huge bowl full...and usually it's for a tiny little cake!

Like recently I was making my Dad's 50th cake...I needed a little tiny bit of yellow frosting, a little bit of white, some grey and some black....somehow I ended up with large amounts of all of the above. Now the yellow frosting was custard flavoured and seeing as I needed all of a tablespoon and had made oh I don't know like 3 cups worth, something had to be done.

And do you know what that something was? Add 2 eggs and around 1 - 1.5 cups self raising flour to 2 cups of frosting, beat it all up and chuck it in the oven at 180C for around 30 mins or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Now I had no idea how this would turn or if it would even work at all, but I couldn't have predicted the amazing cake? tart? pie? that came out of my oven! It had a delicious chewy outside, a soft, moist chewy custard flavoured inside, oh it was heaven!!!

And for the record I have since tried this with chocolate frosting - if you use the above recipe plus 90g chocolate melted, you have yourself the quickest and easiest mudcake you will ever find!!

At this stage I feel I should say I am a recipe follower, I need a recipe infront of me, I might completely tweak the hell out of it and end up with something totally different, but I need the recipe as a starting point and I always say to Mr B I wish I could be like him and just throw stuff together. And now that I have, I am most proud :) So today's lesson is that sometimes it pays to just say to hell with it and experiment!

Mrs B x

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  1. ok ... So im not exactly sure how long i have been reading all your shoe posts but one thing I have to say is: When are you putting up more of your shoes? :)



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