Sunday, November 21, 2010

Melbourne Trip!

I love Melbourne, every year as long as I can remember I have been over at least once, and really what is there not to love? The shopping is to die for, the bargains are fabulous, the food is incredible and then there is the atmosphere, the culture and if you go at this time of year, the Christmas window display at Myer is up!

So on Thursday we got to Melb at around lunch time. The weather was warm but it was a bit wet so we checked into our hotel and caught the train out to Brunswick. Admitedly we took a few wrong turns and ended up walking in the wrong direction, but my god there are some gorgeous bridal shops out there. Eventually we headed in the right direction though and we found what we were looking for....

This little pub is done up like an old 60's diner and is full of Harley and Steve McQueen memorabillia. The meals were huge and had a southern american influence and after a long morning and alot of walking - a decent meal was exactly what we wanted!

That night we were off out to Metallica so we wanted a quick and easy meal on the way. We were lucky enough to find a little thai place down one of Melbourne's famous alleys that was kind of like the Subway of stir frys, you chose your own vegies, meat, sauce and noodles and in 5 mins your dream sir fry was delivered to your table! I had a tofu and vegie stir fry with satay sauce and it was to die for!

The concert was brilliant, Metallica are one of OH and my favourite bands and they didn't disappoint - playing a set consisting of old and new stuff, revving the crowd up at every opportunity, I have never been to a concert where even those in the seated section stood up for the entire thing!

So after a big night singing our lungs out, we needed a sugar hit for breakfast the next on our way out to the Science Works at Spotwood we grabbed a couple of Spanish Donuts, we have seen the stand at the Flinders St Station a few times but never tried one before...

Why have we not tried these before!? I had a pineapple glazed donut and OH had a custard filled one. They don't look like your average donut as they are more of a log shape, and I am pretty sure they are fried in oil before they are glazed or filled, but my god were they good! And just one each kept us going till well past lunch! We had a ball at the Science Works too, it was so much fun trying out all the different displays and exhibits and we even learnt a few things along the way!

When we got back to Melbourne we had done a tonne of walking so we headed straight for the Lindt cafe, it was a beautiful day so we treated ourselves to a scoop of White Chocolate and Raspberry Swirl ice cream and a strawberry macaroon each for lunch. The lindt ice cream is probably wouldn't want too much more then one scoop because it is fairly rich, but it is heavenly and the macaroons were pretty damn good too!

That night we needed something savoury for dinner, so we hiked our way to the Casino in search of a steak restaurant we had heard of called (wait for it) SteakOut - not the most original name, but turns out, when you can make food like that good, who cares what you're called! I ordered a grilled chicken salad and mixed though a side order of roast pumpkin and kumara, oh it was good! OH found a 1kg steak on the menu and he had his heart set on that - see how happy he looks!

I think we have found our new favourite restaurant in Melbourne!

The following day was our last day, we were flying home at about 3pm so we decided to take ourselves out to breakfast...and quite frankly we were shocked that we had made it to the third day without going to the pancake parlour! I went with the simple lemon and sugar pancakes (it was a toss up between that and the strawberry jam and cream but when the waiter came I panicked!) and you know what they say, you can't beat the classics! OH had a caramel malt thickshake with his and we are now officially obsessed with malt, we only got home last night and already today I have been to the supermarket, brought malt and we may or may not have had several malt thickshakes....

And what trip to Melbourne would be complete without the obligatory bringing home of Krispy Kremes - purely because we don't have them here in Tassie and OH is slightly in love with them

And last but not least did I mention I got some fantastic bargains!!! I got some great deals on dresses - I swear I brought about $200 worth of clothes for $80, not to mention these gorgeous shoes!!!

And that my friends, was our holiday!

Till next time, Em x

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  1. Oh man!!! Em those shoes!!!!!! Love!!!

    Looks like you ahd fun in Melbourne! Next time you visit let me know and we can catch for a coffee and a chat! :-)




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