Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Raining Babies!

Ok so it's not really raining babies but I did have my baby shower over the weekend which is kind of like the same thing...

To start with I was not overly fussed with the whole baby shower thing, but I did quite like the idea of having a nice afternoon with the 'girls'......the ladies at work and Mum took that as a green flag and ran with it.

One of my favourite things from the day was the bib decorating station where all the guests got to paint a personalised bib for bub (or Mr B and I on those 'I'm so tired I'm drooling everywhere days which we all know are going to happen!). It was a really lovely idea and some of the designs cracked me up - especially the 'My Dad thinks he's funny' and the 'I'm cute, Mum's cute, Dad's just lucky' ones from Mr B's sisters!

Then there was the 'Guess How Big That Belly Is' game where we learnt that my Mum knows me better than anyone and some of my friends have terrible judgement skills!!

Next came the 'Name That Nappy Filling' game.....

Five nappies were passed around the circle, each one containing a different chocolate bar which was smooshed up to the point where it resembled....well you get the picture. It was hysterical watching people sniff the nappies (and coming out with chocolate covered noses) and taste test the fillings....

Surprisingly, we still had an appetite after that game so it was time for lunch!

The food was incredible, there were asparagus rolls (thanks Mum!), salad sandwiches, fruit platters, bread and dipping oils, lasagne, mini quiches, bruschetta, mud cake, sponge cake, caramel tarts, matchsticks and meringues just to name a small selection....

And last but certainly not least, there were goodness were there gifts.

It was a huge day and I was so ready for a nap by the time I got home!

There is no doubt that we were incredibly spoilt and I can not even begin to explain how thankful Mr B and I are, not only for all the amazing gifts but also just for being surrounded by such fantastic and thoughtful people.

A huge big thank you to everyone who organised the day and came along to celebrate with us (and to my Mum for driving me around!!).

Mrs B xx

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