Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

Over the weekend we celebrated Fathers Day and whilst this is a special occasion each and every single year, this year was extra special because it was Mr B's first Father's Day as a Father-To-Be!

We started the day off with breakfast at Mum and Dad's.....

And what breakfast would be complete without a few presents thrown in for good measure?

I love this Baby Owner's Manual that Mum and Dad found for Mr B - it's for men and whilst it is based on truth it is written like a car manual and it's absolutely hilarious!

I couldn't resist this little suit when I saw it, it's hard to believe that in a few weeks time there will be a little baby in it!

These little baby Puma's were also a must buy as they match Mr B's sneakers....who would have thought such a teeny tiny pair of shoes could generate such a big grin!

After all that excitement, the boys were obviously in need of some rest and relaxation....

But that didn't last long because we had things to do, people to see and lunch to eat!

Mr B and Dad had challenged each other to a parmi standoff so we decided to go to the Brunswick Hotel which had recently been voted as having the No. 1 parmi in Australia which is a super big call and obviously we were pretty keen to find out for ourselves.

I'm not entirely sure the parmi standoff challenge was fair though as Mr B had a double parmi stack and Dad opted for the single version but by all accounts they were pretty damn good!

Mum and I were really excited to try the mushroom parmis - all your favourite parmi toppings, but on a trio of crumbed and fried mushrooms and they were awesome! This one here is Mum's which was topped with gruyere, pesto, spinach and pinenuts.

After lunch we wandered around town and did a spot of shopping before heading home for, yep you guessed it, more presents!

Forever the big kid at heart.....

Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad out there - thank you for helping make me who I am today and for showing me the kind of parent I want to be.

Mrs B xx

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