Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy International Mothers Day!

Mothers Day?
In April?
No I am not going crazy.
No I have not lost my calendar.
But I will be out of the country on Mothers Day this year and I feel incredibly guilty about it. These days are HUGE in our family. It's like our own little public holiday just for us to celebrate our family.

So when Mr B and I were planning our holiday for this time of year, I made it very clear I wanted to be home for my Mum's Birthday in June, but that meant we would miss Mothers Day. Fudge. I was none to pleased about this either, but we just couldn't do anything about it. So there was only one thing for it. We had to move Mothers Day to today. End of story.

Mum, Dad, Mr B and I went to a beautiful property just out of Hobart called Villa Howden. The Villa offers boutique accomodation with views out over the North West Bay and is set in the midst of the most beautiful picturesque garden.

Previously you could only enter the grounds of the Villa if you were fortunate enough to be staying there, so when Dad heard they were throwing open the gates and having High Tea there of a Sunday, he knew we had to go as him and Mum had admired the property from a far for quite some time.

When we arrived today we had a lovely sticky beak around the gardens and of course Mr B left unattended for 2 minutes managed to find the croquet set....

Then we went inside for the High Tea. Inside the Villa is just as stunning as the outside, with every little detail seen too. We had only just taken our seats and already there were pots of tea on the table and 2 tiers of food on the table. Mum and I decided to start off with the mini scones, jam and cream....

...and then we alternated between cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and the dessert plate which included a mini custard tart, mini mudcake, mini lemon muffin and some exquisite (oh yes I said exquisite) creme brulee. We left there very full, but very impressed with the whole package. If ever there was a property perfectly suited for luxury, for relaxing, for appreciating and for spoiling, it is this one.

We had a really nice day today, but it did confirm something I have been feeling more and more the last few weeks. That dull twist in my stomach is turning into a tight knotting ball....and do you know why? I am going to miss my Mum and Dad incredibly whilst we are away. I don't think I have ever been away from them for this long.....and already I am looking forward to coming home and seeing them.

Happy Internation Mothers Day Mother B xx

Love Mrs B xx


  1. What a special place for the celebration of Mothers Day. It all looked very more ish. Xx

  2. Oh it was, no dinner last night for us! You have to try it Netty, you would love it :) xx



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