Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blueberry Pikelets

I think I mentioned the other day that I was given a heap of recipe books from my Nan? Well over the last week or two I have slowly been going through them and it’s like being drawn into a whole other world. Sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong era. Looking through these books at the old fashioned desserts, the classic recipes, the baking, it just blows my mind and at the same time it makes me sad. I have nothing against people using packet mixes and short cuts in recipes because there never seems to be enough time to do anything these days, but the idea that some of that classic cooking and old fashioned baking will slowly start to disappear does make me sad. I think there is nothing better than a house filled with the smells of freshly baked biscuits and cakes, the look on people’s faces when you present them with an impressive looking dessert and knowing you made it from scratch, the sounds of people happily devouring a bowl of something that you know is filled with fresh flavours and real hearty cooking, knowing that your loved ones lunch boxes are filled with goodies from your own kitchen.....

I know I take short cuts sometimes, but I prefer not to and when I have a little one, I can’t wait to pass it all on to them....

And one of my favourite old fashioned classics is the humble pikelet. This recipe came about because I made some traditional pikelets for OH’s lunches and they looked so good I made some more with blueberries for our dessert that week. If you would prefer the traditional version, just omit the blueberries, simple!

Blueberry Pikelets

2 cups plain flour
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 tspn vanilla essence
½ cup caster sugar
200g frozen blueberries

Combine the milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla in a bowl. Beat well.
Gradually add the flour and stir until combined.
Stir through the frozen blueberries. Stir until they are just mixed in. If you get too excited your pikelet mixture will turn blue....but then again blue pikelets would be pretty cool...mine had a slight purple tinge and it just adds to that whole blueberry feel stir away!!

Now I cheat and cook mine in the pancake maker lol but you can melt some butter in a fry pan and add heaped teaspoons of your mixture. Once bubbles start to appear on the surface flip them over and cook the other side for a few seconds. They really don’t take long to cook at all.

With pikelets it is almost mandatory that you have some of them fresh out of the pan....some cold with jam and cream....and some piled high with ice cream, maple syrup, whipped cream and some leftover blueberries for dessert!!

The other great thing about pikelets is they will last for ages in the fridge or the freezer so whip up a big batch, let the kids take them in their lunch boxes, enjoy one with a cuppa when you get a quiet moment or whip them out when guests drop over for dessert....although they are that good you may not want to share!

Happy Wednesday!

Em xx

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