Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not My Gumdrop Buttons Icecream

Awhile ago we used to be able to buy this ice cream that really didn't do it for me, but OH absolutely adored. Basically it was bubblegum icecream with lil baby wine gums through it, in my opinion it didn't go well on puddings and the like but OH insisted on buying it every week regardless! 'Unfortunately' it went off the shelves and OH has been devastated ever since. So for the next few weeks while I'm enjoying my xmas pudding for dessert (which OH hates - lucky coz I don't like sharing it!) he gets to have the dessert of his choice and all he really wanted was this damn discontinued ice cream, so I thought why not give it a whirl myself. And it worked out better then the original! Very very easy, just combine one tub of softened vanilla ice cream with one pkt of small jubey lollies of your choice, I used starburst babies, but think chopped up snakes or strawberries and cream or raspberries would work just as well! I'm also thinking say chocolate ice cream with crushed up tim tams and remembering the vanilla ice cream with raspberries and meringues through it that I posted about a few weeks ago??!! ....the possibilities are endless!

Needless to say OH ate the tub in one night.....

Just something quick and easy and not only could the kids make it, but they will love eating it too!

Em x

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