Monday, September 27, 2010

The mystery of the green cake...

...after many hours of research, I think I have solved the mystery! The green cake I spied in a cake shop on the weekend was in fact a Swedish Princess Cake or a Prinsesstårta.

Traditionally the cake looks like this

But the one I saw in the shop was just a slice so it looked like this except the actual cake was green as well as the marzipan icing. And I think it had the pastry creme layer in the centre, with jam above and below and then the whipped cream on top.

It is a long and complicated recipe and the best one I found was here at
Baking Obsession but basically it is composed of three layers of génoise (a rich and delicate Italian sponge cake) alternating with raspberry jam, pastry cream, and topped with whipped cream. This is then wrapped in pale-green marzipan. Sometimes the layers of génoise are also died green like the one I saw in the shop!

Mmmmm I can't wait to go back in and try some now!

Em x


  1. Already thinking of the calories and the sweet tooth having a melt down, oh how decadent, I really need some!!

  2. Oh I know! I don't want to think of the calories...but I still want to try a slice so very badly!!



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