Monday, September 27, 2010

The most awesome pair of shoes ever!!

Yes now I know that is a big call, but seriously when OH got back from his bucks weekend and ushered me into the car with promises of a great suprise that I just had to see right away, I was not expecting this...and I mean honestly I don't think I was exaggerating the facts when I said they were the most awesome pair of shoes ever!

I love the whole idea, two giant stilettos complete with buckles and everything, out in the middle of a paddock surrounded by sheep. It's me on so many levels!! I made OH pull over on the side of the highway so I could clamber as close as possible (in my high heels of course) to get some good shots...I think they would make great kids slides! And I really really want them in my garden!

One of my other great discoveries this weekend was during a trip to Habitat (a brilliant homewares shop with everything from pots and pans to cupcake cases to ice cream makers). In the last 12 months I have become a giant tea convert and I love my Creme Brulee tea...the only problem is that my tea infuser has a gap in it so I always gets tea leaves in my tea....but then I found this!

Its gorgeous! I love the big blingy diamond and once you put your tea leaves in it, it clips up and hangs in your mug like a tea bag. I gave it a few violent shakes today to test it out and still no tea leaves escaped so I am a little bit excited about's the simple pleasures in life...

Em xx


  1. Oooh, I have one of those, and they are the best ever!! I also have one that's kind of like tongs as well, which I tend to wave through my teapot.

    And you are right, very cool shoes!! :)

  2. What a charming tea strainer!!! I am so lazy and always opt for the tea bags! hehe but perhaps getting a fancy strainer like that might convert me.. hmmmm
    Those shoes are awesome!!

  3. I have one of the tong ones too Jess but it has a gap and I keep getting tea leaves in my tea!

    I am a convert for sure Ally, although sometimes nothing beats a cup of regular tea! Although at the moment I just want any excuse to use my new strainer!



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