Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strawberry and Butternut Snap Trifle

OH is sitting here berating me because I made this dessert that even he declared to be fantastic, I didn't use a recipe, I spent ages making it look pretty....and I forgot to take a photo!

So here goes the recipe for Strawberry and Butternut Snap Trifle

You will need:

500g of strawberries
1 x 220g tub of extra light philadelphia cream cheese
3 tbspns cream
1 x tub of vanilla forme yoghurt (optional)
6 x butternut snaps (crushed)
3 tbsnps of icing sugar

The night before combine your philly, 1 tbsnp cream, 1 tbsnp of icing sugar and 1/2 tub of the vanilla yoghurt (purely a taste thing, if you like the mix as is, don't add it). Leave in the fridge as it will let the biscuits soften.

The night you are ready to serve sprinkle diced strawberries with some icing sugar and microwave until soft, syrupy and juicy.

Spoon some of the cream cheese mix into the bottom of some fancy glasses - I used stemless wine glasses. Then spoon over the strawberry syrup. Finally combine the remaining cream with the remaining icing sugar and spoon over the strawberries. If you wanted you could top with crushed up flake or chocolate curls.

But it was delicious, the cream cheese evened out the sweetness of the strawberries and it was only 4 small serves so you could enjoy it without feeling like you had over eaten. Sooooo good!!

Anyway, now that I have a content and happy belly I am going to bed!

Must fill you in on the new pot and the lamb shanks too!!

Night xx

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