Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gypsy Rolls and Gingerbread....

Well it has been a big couple of days here in my world. Well not big...just long and exhausting!

Last night OH and I attended the Miss Burlesque Finals in Hobart, I have always had a love affair with burlesque and have recently started attending the local pole dancing and burlesque school run by Miss BeBe Sparkle. So we went along last night to support Bebe (as she was competing) and check out the local talent. It was a great night and all of the girls did amazing jobs with their acts and their costumes. It's about time Hobart had some decent night time entertainment and great to see people getting out to support it. Unfortunately Bebe didn't place and in my opinion she was robbed, but in fairness all the girls were brilliant. It did make me dead keen to try it though, I have only been taking beginner pole classes so far but they do have beginner burlesque classes too....could be next on my things to try!

Speaking of the pole classes though, I had mentioned to OH a few weeks ago that I would be quite sad to attend my final class this week as I have been really enjoying doing something different and low and behold in the mail last night arrived a bloody big parcel....which turned out to be a brand new X Pole - an early bday present apparently! I did several little happy dances around the lounge room when I opened it. He really is a I think he quite enjoys playing around on the pole too, he came to class with me once and was hilarious...but scarily good at it! So I can't wait to get it up in the spare room so I can keep practising!

Today OH and I went down to Salamanca Market for a wander. I was a bit nervous because as of yesterday I reached my 55kg weight loss goal and therefore adjusted my calorie intake to maintenance calories. An extra 400 cals a day is alot to play with but I won't be going over the top with it or anything, I think the trick is to have it as a buffer if I need it, but otherwise try and stay a smidgen under the line. I mean before when I was on weight loss cals it was easy coz if I went over I was only on maintenance and it just meant I wouldn't lose, but now if I go over I'll be in weight gain terrotory and that is not somewhere I wanna be. Anyway, at the market today I successfully avoided the donuts, but I did buy a gingerbread man which was delicious, nice and gingery, soft and buttery...melt in your mouth goodness. Plus it is just not possible to go to the Salamanca Market without trying a Gypsy Roll - now let me tell you, these things are heaven on a stick...or in a wrap as the case may be. Basically it is just a skinless lamb sausage in a moutain bread wrap with some lettuce, carrot and...wait for it...strawberry chilli sauce, now I know it all sounds rather simple but it is a winning combination and I can not remember the last time in my life I went to that market and did not get one of these to chew on. I am also aware that I could quite easily make them at home...but honestly it's not the same, there is no market to wander around whilst eating it, no little white bag to catch all the strawberry chilli sauce that falls out the bottom, it's all about the atmosphere and experience with some meals isn't it!

I have also just done our shopping list and hence our menu for the week, it is looking a bit fancy and exciting too I think..let's have a look shall we??

Mon night - Roast vegie risotto for when the parents come over (I know I have a risotto addiction now too!)
Tues night - OH is cooking beef ragu with mash whilst I'm out at dancing
Wed night - Left over ragu...if there is any
Thurs night - Home made healthy chicken parmy's - minus the crumbing and the frying
Fri night - Butter chicken...possible served in crepes...I'm undecided just yet, but have been itching to try a curry recipe where you mix yoghurt through the sauce so will be interesting to see how it turns out!

I will post photos where possible, but sometimes in this house, food just does not last long enough for photo opportunities!!

And tomorrow OH has requested some Red Velvet Cupcakes which I have been wanting to try and make for ages...definetly will be posting photos of those...really hoping they come out nice and red though...little bit nervous about it!

Also rang up on Friday about a local cupcake store that is for sale, just waiting to see their business figures at the moment, I don't really know what is involved in running a small business but I know I love cooking and have some ideas for what I would like to do with the place so I spose it can't hurt to look into at the moment.

Ok must be off, OH has fallen asleep beside me waiting for his dinner and he looks quite adorable, have to wake him soon, we have a Horny Little Devil Party to go to...I think it's like a tupperware party but R18+ rated....

Till tomorrow!

E x

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