Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Normally for Mothers Day Dad, Mr B and I treat Mum to a day jam packed full of surprises doing everything from movies to shopping to bowling to mini golf. This year however we decided to try something different called relaxing. It was a new concept for the day, but let's be honest, the day is all about Mum and as long as we spend the day together it really doesn't matter what we do.

In saying that however, I don't entirely know what I would do if Dad turned around one year and said we were only going to do breakfast or lunch or dinner....I'd probably still show up on their doorstep at 9am and just kind of hang out there all me that is what the day is about, getting to spend the whole day with my family and getting to spoil them.

So with the key theme of relaxation in mind, we started the day with a leisurely sleep in and a decadent breakfast of french brioche and milky coffee. I discovered dunking my brioche in my thing ever.

After breakfast we trundled into New Norfolk for a look around one of the biggest antique shops I have ever seen. Being so big there really is something for everyone....including cars, bikes, pinball machines and jukeboxes!

Mr B managed to find an old truck out in the grounds and thought it was part of the display so he went for a look....

Closer inspection revealed a coffee cup and some beer cans confirming that it was in fact currently in use....

....But that didn't stop him getting in for a look!

The antique shop is located in an old area called Willow Court and I love what they have done with it, it just makes you feel like you want to spend all day in there exploring!

Next stop, after a bit of a scenic drive through to Westerway, was lunch at The Possum Shed. This is one of Mum and Dad's favourite cafes and is set on the banks of a little creek inhabited by platypus.

This was what Mum and I had for lunch - Lentil Patties on a bed of garden salad....oh and that piece of bacon I pinched out of Dad's BLT!

Then it was home for the most important part - presents!

And last, but not least, we settled in for an afternoon of card games and board games.

After a few games of cards, we broke out a family favourite, Pictionary Man. Don't ask me why it's a favourite, in just this game alone Dad got slapped in the face and nearly lost an eye, Mr B yelled till he went red in the face and at one point I thought Mum was going to snap her texta. Even though we all cursed our partners drawing abilities, we also laughed until we couldn't breathe.....

Well....most of us laughed anyway!

After Mr B and I declared ourselves 'Ultimate Pictionary Champions' the least we could do was go out and get dinner. We drove into New Norfolk and picked up some hot chips, a loaf of bread and some pink champagne Magnums aka the ultimate relaxing and indulgent Mothers Day dinner - plus there was no washing up!


Mrs B xx

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