Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mini Curried Pumpkin Tarts and a Suprise!!

Well I got home from work tonight and there was a parcel addressed to OH but he was adamant that it was for me so, hesitantly, I opened it and look what I found!

It is the most gorgeous winter coat I think I have ever seen! It is a thick woolen grey coat with a damask print down the centre panel and on the arms, I think I'm in love! It took some digging but eventually OH admitted that it was partially to cheer me up coz i've been so down about my health, partially because he knows I have wanted a coat like this (oh but I could never have imagined one so beautiful) and partially because he just gets sick of roasting when we go in the car and I crank the heaters! He does have remarkably good taste though don't you think!

And because I'm in such a good mood I thought I would whip up some goodies for work tomorrow and eventually I settled on these Mini Curried Pumpkin Tarts

You need
about 300g of cooked mashed pumpkin
120g of reduced fat feta crumbled
2 sheets of shortcrust pastry
3 eggs beaten
1 tbspn curry powder
300ml of thickened cream
1/2 tub of Chunky Basil and Cashew Dip

To begin with pre heat the oven to 170C fan forced.
Combine the pumpkin and feta in a bowl and set aside.
Cut your pastry into 16 lil squares (cut into quarters and then cut each quarter into four!)
Grease 2 x mini muffin tray and line the holes with the pastry squares.
Divide the pumpkin and feta between the pastry squares.
In a jug, combine the cream, eggs and curry powder and gently pour over the pumpkin to just fill the tarts.
Bake for around 20 mins or until filling is golden and set.
Once the tarts have cooled down, use a teaspoon to remove a tiny bit of the filling from the centre. Spoon some dip into the hole and pat down to create a flat finish. You don't want too much dip as it will over power the other flavours, but just enough to give it some bite.

You could heat these up in the oven again before serving or simply eat them cold and I find sometimes the flavours work better when they are cold anyway :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Em x

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