Friday, February 11, 2011

Strawberry Champagne Jam

Ok so my Dad calls me up yesterday in a slight panic because he has just realised that Valentines Day is ohhhhh 3 days away!? I suggested some strawberry champagne jam that I saw at the Farmers Market last weekend would be nice with cream and croissants for brekkie, the idea goes down great, he is happy, I am happy....then he says 'so can you get me some' ...........seriously. Turns out neither of us can get there this Sunday, and seeing as he is now set on that idea, we decide that after a quick google search, I can whip some up. Notice how everyone says oh you can just 'whip' that up when they want you to do something urgently to help them!? Anyway, I found a recipe, I gave it a try and considering I have never ever made jam before, it worked out perfectly and it's delicious - I may be having some on my raisin toast as we speak - I did leave Dad a jar to serve up on Valentines though I promise!

So anyway, this is how it goes -

200ml champagne
500g strawberries (hulled and halved)
400g caster sugar
25g of Jam Setter (I found it in the supermarket with the baking goods, just comes in a lil 50g sachet)

Start by placing a small plate in the freezer.
In a medium pot over high heat combine champagne, sugar and strawberries.
Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally, and then add the jam setter.
Continue to boil and stir for about 5 mins.
To test, get the plate from the freezer, place a tspn of jam on the plate and leave for 30 seconds. Run your finger through the jam and if it remains seperated then it is ready, if it runs back together, let it boil for another few minutes and try again.
When your jam is done take off the heat for 10 mins and then pour into your sterilised jars.
This doesn't have a strong champagne taste but enough to give you that slight after taste and perfect for the champagne lover - nice twist on a champagne breakfast!!

Spoil your sweetheart with croissants, champagne jam and cream in bed this Valentines Day!!

Em xx

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