Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Round One Votes Are In!!

We sat down last night, all hyped up to try our first round of wedding cupcakes...despite being in the fridge for 2 days they were still light and fluffy and soft. When we cut them open the swirl had gone through them beautifully. The problem was that the cream cheese frosting and the buttercream frosting were both delicious...so this is where it got technical...whilst the cream cheese icing was yummy, the cream cheese taste kind of over-rode the raspberry in the cupcakes, also the cream cheese frosting kind of comes out a creamy colour coz of the butter but I need a white frosting...and the vanilla buttercream frosting was easier to work with and it really brings out the vanilla flavour in the cake and compliments the raspberry I think, only problem being you have to be careful not to get any raspberry crumbs in your frosting or it goes pink! So our vote went to the buttercream whereas Mum and Dad's went to the cream cheese on taste, but the buttercream on practicality....who said they get two votes!? OH and I are having them for dessert again tonight, no judging, no delicate tastings, just plain old eating delicious cupcakes!!


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