Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yep...yesterday it was the big quarter of a century....and as much as I love birthdays because of the way my family celebrates them, I was not looking forward to this one. 25, half way to 50, quarter of a century, where did all the time go!? What have I achieved and accomplished? All these things have been racing through my mind for the last few weeks, but you know yesterday none of it mattered. I had a fantastic day with OH and my parents and I think days like that are what it's all about really - why worry about the past or the future when you could be making the most of the present?

So to explain, birthdays in our family are a full day event, everyone has the day off and we spent the whole day - breakfast to dessert - together if it is your birthday then everyone else plans the day and you are kept in the dark. It's fantastic and as a kid I always thought birthdays felt like public holidays, like the whole state should be off work because the days just felt so special. It is a tradition I will definetly be bringing my kids up with.

So the day started with breakfast at Mum and Dad's, Mum had made the most delicious choc-vanilla cupcakes and brought me some cupcake cookbooks to go with it!

Then we went to Brookfield Vineyard to look at this model village. It was so detailed and the whole thing took 12 years to make and was done by a guy who had polio, it's unreal to see. And the whole place was filled with collections of things like cows or shoes or piggy banks, and they had a gorgeous gift shop and cafe...we will definetly return the next time we have a sunny Sunday arvo to fill in!

This was followed by a journey up the Shot Tower....which funnily enough was first opened on the 8th of Sept : ) It is 157 ft tall and you walk up this flimsy spiral stair case to get to the top, it's a little nerve wracking but the view is spectacular and well worth it!

Next stop was the Taroona Lounge Bar for lunch. I had stuffed eggplant which was delicious...although I was a little jealous of the humongous vegetarian pizza Mum and Dad got!

This is Mum, me and OH : )

My Mum and Dad

Then it was onto the Casino for some cocktails...what birthday would not be complete without cocktails!!

And back to Mum and Dad's for presents...I got thoroughly spoilt, lots of cookbooks, novels, the sweetest tea pot and cup, some babushka measuring cups (how cute are they!) and a new Mixmaster and Food Processor!

Then it was off home for some time with OH. He brought me a beautiful locket (something I have always wanted) and some riding gear for when we take the quad bike huh?

But apparently there was so no rest for the wickid so after a quick spin around the paddock on the bike we got changed into our swankiest clothes and it was off out for tea. OH suprised me by taking me to a restaurant I have been dying to try for ages. It's called Pashas and is turkish but they have alot of vegetarian stuff on the menu. My god was it good. OH had prawns for the entree and he got 16 prawns!! I had bread and dips and the dips were delicious, carrot and yoghurt, cucumber and yoghurt, hommus, eggplant, zucchini, all served with steaming hot fresh pide...mmmmmmm...but if we thought that was good, then out came the mains! OH got two massive pieces of salmon, crusted in herbs and spices and served with a buttered rice. I had a vegie stack, which was described as eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato and capsicum roasted and topped with a tomato sauce and yoghurt - that description did not prepare me for the huge plate of vegies I received, I couldn't finish them all but my god I wanted to! One of the best meals I have had for a very long time and my new favourite restaurant!

And then it was home for one final suprise.....a heart shaped strawberry ice cream cake...with 25 candles mind you, it was lucky the cake didn't melt from the heat!

I couldn't have asked for a better day and I am very greatful to Mum, Dad and OH for putting it all together.

Em x

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