Thursday, August 19, 2010

Massive brain fade....

No food talk today. I just feel like having a bit of a ramble about everything I suppose.

Today was such a full on day. I spent yesterday at a training course on Workers Comp and whilst I was dreading going, it was actually quite interesting and I found that the day went quick and I was interested and alert all day. Normally at a course I am dropping by lunch time so I was really impressed with how yesterday went and am even looking forward to sitting down over the weekend and going over the reading material. Anyway having spent yesterday at training meant I had a decent workload today and on top of that I had to take an hour or so off in the middle of today for a job interview. So I have just told my boss about needing time off in the middle of the day and he is fine with that....then I go to my desk and see my phone ringing, it is my house which means the alarm is going off....OH is working away so I have to go. The boss told me to take someone with me from the workshop just in case, he is good like that but I felt pretty bad about being in and out so much today! I was glad I took one of the guys out home with me too, turns out we had a bird in the garage setting the alarm off and I needed him to catch it for me!

So I went back to work for an hour and a half before heading into my interview. I was suprised on the way in at just how nervous I really was. In the past like with exams and job interviews I have just sort of thought well ive done all i can do and gone with the flow, but today I was sweating and had the butterflies and it was just terrible. The job was a Senior Payroll position in HR within the State Service. I have worked in payroll and HR for the last 6 years but I have never worked in a Senior role. This position would be a decent step up for me and something I think I am ready for. My current job is pretty quiet and I am not heavily involved in pay processing as it all goes through our head office and in the beginning that sounded pretty good to me, but I think now I am ready to get back into a full on role and start using my brain cells again. I am not sure how the interview went really, I walked out of there feeling positive, but now it's a bit of a blur and I think I was fairly repetitive and rambled alot, who knows! Even if I am not successful, it is all good practise though.

In other news, a friend and I were talking yesterday and she asked me for a list of things I would like to do / achieve before I die. Now when my parents watched 'The Bucket List' and explained to me it wasn't a movie about buckets as such, I was quite taken with the idea, but things happened and life went on and I forgot about it. But when faced with the question the other day I thought, why the hell not and to be honest I found it difficult, which only made me more determined to do it. I think the realistic (boring) side of my head was holding me back and not letting ideas through that might not be practical or affordable, but in the end crazy me won the argument and here is what I have come up with.

1. Have a child and raise them to be happy and healthy
2. Be at peace with myself, who I am, what I look like, what I think, feel etc
3. Obtain a job that gives me a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction
4. If 3 is not possible, I would love to work for myself in a successful business and be self sufficient
5. Get my vegie garden really cranking, it's ok at the moment, but I want a big vegie patch over flowing with fresh produce, I would like to grow as much fresh fruit and vegies at home as possible
6. Learn a foreign language
7. Learn an instrument
8. Conquer the pole dancing and be more confident with it.
9. Travel the world, I want to go back to Europe so badly and I want to travel around Australia - maybe spend a summer fruit picking!
10. See an international ballet act
11. Learn to run properly, my running is appalling. And increase my muscle strength
12. Develop a healthier attitude to food.
13. Spend more time living, go out to plays and the theatre, get to Melbourne to see more broadway shows (I would see Phantom of the Opera 5 times a week given the chance)
14. Go hiking and spend more time in the outdoors
15. To be financially comfortable so that I can do all of the above without worrying about meeting the next mortgage payment as well.
16. Early retirement is a definite!
17. Write a manuscript and send it to a publisher.
18. Play a team sport or join some sort of social group.

So that is my list of things I would like to achieve in my life time, some are short term, some long, some mental, some physical. But now that I have my list I intend to add to it, cross things off it and refer to it frequently.

Does anyone else have a similar list?

Good night xx

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