Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cupcake Overload!!!

Well going into this weekend I thought I was pretty much home free. Snuggles with the boy Fri night, bit of shopping and retail therapy Saturday, dinner with friends Sat night and then into the baking for the first installment of RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday...then I found out that there had been a serious communication error. A friend had said 'Do you think you could whip up some cakes for my engagement party?' And I said 'Yep, would love to'....end of conversation - till Friday when she said 'Still right for tomorrow night' Cue me pulling my hair out and having a nervous breakdown! But in the meantime Mum had asked if I wanted to go for a drive to Campbell Town (bout an hour and half away) with her on Friday arvo seeing as my work is pretty quiet and it did sound like a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, plus I needed time to brainstorm engagement decoration ideas! My Mum and I are close, but we don't do alot of Mother / Daughter stuff so it was really nice to have three hours in the car to just talk about nothing imparticular, and when we got to Campbell Town we raided the local shoe shop, craft shop and the lolly shop, it was so much fun!
And then it was back to the cupcakes...I went home and made a batch of chocolate ones on Fri night and intended on making some vanilla ones Sat morning. But on Sat morning, even though I got up at 8am to make cupcakes, even though I got back into bed just to have a quick cup of tea while they cooked, when I went to get them out of the oven they were brown on top....and even though OH protested about the values of a thick layer of icing, I just would not have felt right serving them up, they were rock solid on the outside, and cupcakes are supposed to be light and fluffy, so I fed them to the birds and took myself into town to buy some decorations while I cooled down (I was close to tears at this point...and OH was close to having me confined to a straight jacket). In town I found that Spotlight, general crafty shop, had a whole aisle of cake decorating equipment and icings and coloured chocolates and cake tins that made 3D teddy bears (it was adorable) and so many other cool things that I just stood there in awe picking things up and reading packets for at least an hour! Eventually I found the decorations I had in mind and trundled home via a vintage shop where I tried on a super adorable dress but so out of my budget, and I was feeling much better. At home I was cool, calm and focused. I decided to skip the usual vanilla essence and added some coconut essence to the about delicious. I forgot how much I loved coconut coz OH hates the dessicated stuff, and it just took me back to eating coconut buttercake fresh out of the oven with melty butter when I was little...*pauses to remove drool from chin* and after some piping which I was very proud of as I am still a newbie and some lil decoration with those talking heart lollies that say things like I love you, kiss me, flirt etc the finished result looked like this:

And that night I went out for dinner with some friends to a pub and the decision to go there was based on the fact that two of us are vegetarian (Ok I'm a bad vegetarian, but mince is my limit, and in small amounts, I can't handle big chunky bits of red meat...and I eat white meat...I'm not really vegetarian at all am I...but I really don't like red meat that much!) and the vegetarian meals sounded freakin awesome. So I ended up having Eggplant stuffed with ricotta, cherry tomatoes and pinenuts and topped with shaved parmesan....yes it was as good as it sounded!

And yesterday was spent making cupcakes as mentioned for the first installment of the RSPCA Cupcake Day, technically it's next week but I am catering for 4 workplaces, so figured it was easier to do two this week and two next. Anyway, several hours of baking and frosting later, these were the results:

And well it's lunch time and the tray I took to my work is all gone! The trays are fabulous too! I was in our workshop whinging about how to transport so many cakes on day and a few of the guys presented me with these the following day! They hold 35 cupcakes and are heavy so they don't slide in the car, mega impressive and such a life saver!

Hmmmm better go coz I'm on my lunch break, but a preview of whats coming up this week - we have Curried Sausages tonight, Mum and Dad's tomorrow night, OH is attempting Fried Rice and some spectacular Jacket Potatoes...wait till you see what's in the filling, it's just mouth watering!!

Happy Monday everyone xx

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