Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7 years.....

Mr B and I recently celebrated our 7 year anniversary so we decided to make the most of the occasion (and the fact that it might be our last opportunity to take a mini break before bub is born) and head away for a few days.

After consulting our trusty map we found a little piece of the State that we hadn't explored yet - Sisters Beach.

Sisters Beach is in the North West of our State, about 4 hours drive from our place and surrounded by the Rocky Cape National Park which means there is no shortage of spectacular scenery.

When we left home the weather was rainy and miserable so we were super pleased to arrive at our destination that afternoon and be greeted by blue skies and sunshine (and the GIANT chocolate eclair we picked up at ETC Bakery on the way didn't hurt either.....)

 After being in the car for the majority of the day we were quick to dump our bags and head out for a massive walk to stretch our legs. We walked along the rocky beach, explored rock pools, admired the stunning views and just soaked it all in.

The next day we set about exploring the National Park in order to find one of the things that attracted us to the area in the first place - Anniversary Bay!

We spent a good 4 hours walking the various tracks, exploring caves and climbing what seemed like a zillion stairs (just a hint, lugging your 6 month pregnant belly up a zillion stairs is do-able but you will need snacks....lots of snacks.....)

We finally made our way down into Anniversary Bay and celebrated with a well earnt Strawberry Milk whilst we caught our breath and took in the view....

We arrived back at our little house just as the rain arrived which was actually perfectly fine with us - we were so buggered we just curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a plate of toast with strawberry jam and watched the weather roll in across the water.

Later in the afternoon we went for a bit of a drive to explore the nearby town of Wynyard and pick up some supplies for dinner.

When we got back the rain had cleared and the tide was in which could only mean one thing - fishing!!

The following morning we checked out of our little purple palace and started the long drive home.....

Funnily enough we were in no rush to get back so we detoured via Table Cape to visit their lighthouse, called into the Cherry Shed at Latrobe and stopped at Oatlands for a very late but much needed lunch (hello banana crepes with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup!)

As always it was nice to get home and crawl into our own bed, but it was also lovely to get away from the world for awhile and spend a few days with absolutely nothing to do but relax and celebrate the fact that 7 years ago we managed to find each other.

Happy Anniversary Mr B!

Mrs B xx

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