Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mum's Birthday 2014

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday so we all did the only thing we could do - took the day off work to celebrate!! 

I love this photo.....we are 21 weeks along now our journey and this is the first time we have had the opportunity to get a photo of Mr B and I all dressed up and bump proudly on display.

This year we decided to do something different and go out for breakfast. It was a miserable cloudy day at home and given that the restaurant we had chosen is known for its incredible view, we were a bit worried that we would be having our eggs and bacon staring at a fog covered landscape......

We were totally stoked to be greeted by this view instead.....

How beautiful is it? 

And to top it all off, the meals were amazing, gorgeous fluffy scrambled eggs, buttery sour dough bread and crispy hash browns all round! Mr B also tried some smoked salmon infused with gin, vodka and lemon thyme which he tells me was very impressive!

Given the weather was smiling on us, we decided to spend the day leisurely wandering in and out of the shops at Salamanca on the waterfront. It was great checking out all of the new shops and Mum and I made some fairly long mental shopping lists to come back and do when we are boy-free!

After all of that window shopping we had worked up a small but reasonable appetite. We played musical chairs through a few of the local restaurants until we found one with exactly what we were looking for. A bowl of chunky cut chips, crispy onion rings, some fried haloumi and a platter of mini burgers later, we were all extremely happy campers! 

By now it was late in the afternoon (time really does fly when you're having fun) so we headed back to Mum and Dad's for the all important presents and cake!

My Mum is one of Mercury Cider's biggest fans so these signs my Dad had made for her to mimic their bottle tops were a real hit - how cool are they!! 

And last but not least......

Leopard Print High Heel Cupcakes!!!! 

My Mum's face when she opened her eyes and saw these cupcakes made the hours of work that Mr B and I (but mainly Mr B!) put into them absolutely worth it. 

We were really pleased with the way these came out, especially seeing as it was our first time experimenting with gum paste. 

The cupcakes were a simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting, the high heels are made from gum paste and I used food dye to paint the leopard print pattern onto them. Mr B gets full credit for the actual high heels though, he spent several hours painstakingly making them and I think he did a fabulous job! 


Lots of Love
Mrs B, Mr B and Baby B xx

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