Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flower Power

It's been nearly 8 years since I moved out of home and every year without fail when her Daphne comes out in flower my Mum will bring me a small bunch to put in a vase.

When I was younger I could probably take it or leave it when it came to having fresh flowers in the house but now that I'm older (and have slightly less of an attitude.....) I absolutely love the look and the smell of them.

For a long time my Mum has said that she would like to have a garden that supplied her with enough fresh flowers to fill vases around her home all year round. So one of the first things my Mum and Dad did when they moved into their new home last year was build enough garden beds for a mighty veggie patch and an incredible flower garden.

My Mum and Dad are both wonderful gardeners (a gene which did not make it's way to me unfortunately.....) so in no time they had an abundance of flowers and vegetables and I don't think a day has passed in the last few months where we have not had fresh flowers on the table or freshly picked produce in the fridge (is there anything better then freshly dug potatoes!?).

In this post I've included some photos of the delicate little sweet peas which have the most lovely scent and my Mum's first lot of Christmas Lillies. For years Mum has vowed that one day she would grow her own Christmas Lillies and last year she did with the first flowers out just in time for Christmas Day.

We have all come to an understanding now that Mum and Dad will keep us in fresh flowers and we will swing them some of our home made cheese - absolute win win for everyone!!

Mrs B xx

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