Sunday, September 22, 2013

Neapolitan Icecream and Nutella Crunch Cake

It struck me a few weeks ago that it has actually been quite some time since I made dessert for just Mr B and I. 

Each Monday night I used to make us something to satisfy our post dinner sweet tooth and given there is only two of us it would normally last the whole week, but lately between one thing or another, dessert just seems to have fallen by the way side and the best we have managed is a tub of ice cream. 

The only problem with that is we have no portion control with ice cream and a 1 litre tub lasts us all of two nights.....

Anyway, last week Mr B finally cottoned on to this whole lack of a real dessert caper so I thought I better get my act together. 

It still involved a tub of ice cream mind you, but I took it to a whole other level by adding loads of crunchy Nutella pieces. 

We were both slightly unsure about this dessert to start with because we were worried the rice bubbles would go all soft and chewy, to our surprise they actually stayed nice and crunchy and it turned out to be a real winner!

Neapolitan Icecream and Nutella Crunch Cake
2 cups Nutella
6 cups puffed rice cereal like Rice Bubbles
4 litres neapolitan ice cream

Place a large springform tin and a very large mixing bowl in the freezer to chill. 

In a microwave safe bowl, heat the nutella for 30 seconds or until softened. Working quickly, combine the nutella with the rice cereal. Mix well so that all of the cereal is coated in the nutella. 

Line a baking tray with grease proof paper and pour over the nutella mixture. Spread evenly over the pan and smooth the surface. Place in the freezer. 

Remove the ice cream from the freezer and place in the refrigerator to soften. 

After about 30-45 minutes your nutella mixture should be chilled and firm but not frozen. Cut the mixture into bite sized pieces and if necessary place back into the freezer until the ice cream has softened. You want the ice cream to be soft enough to easily and quickly stir the nutella mixture through without breaking it up too much but not melted to the point where it's runny. 

Remove the bowl and springform pan from the freezer. Combine the chocolate and vanilla portion of your neapolitan ice cream and the nutella mixture in the large bowl

Spoon the mixture into your springform pan, pressing it down firmly to ensure there are no air pockets. Top the cake with the reserved strawberry ice cream. 

Cover the tin with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for overnight. 

This cake is massive so if you are serving the whole thing at once I would suggest removing it from the freezer about 30-45 minutes before serving and placing in the refrigerator to soften a bit. If however you decide that rather then sharing it you will savour a slice every night for as long as possible I would suggest cutting your desired portion and letting it sit at room temperature for maybe 5 mins before you tackle it. 


Mrs B xx

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