Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Little Things....

A few days ago I mentioned that I'm off to hospital tomorrow for a small procedure and whilst it is classified as day surgery and doesn't even require me to be in hospital overnight, it does involve me being knocked out while someone is playing with my insides and that whole scenario just freaks me out.

So each day this week, as tomorrow draws closer, I have been becoming increasingly scatty, distant, nervous and possibly a wee bit grumpy. And to make things worse, Mr B is not a talker. He is a thinker. I mean this is something I have known since the day I met him, he just doesn't do deep and meaningful conversations. This kind of means we often end up in a situation where I'm going out of my mind and desperately want him to take me in his arms and talk through all the stuff in my head but instead he just kind of sits there and says 'mmmmmm' and pulls me in for a cuddle.....

At times like this I have been known to get slightly agitated and accuse Mr B of not listening and / or not caring about the big issues...but like I said, he is a thinker.

This morning this beautiful big bunch of bright and cheery flowers was delivered to me at work with a card from Mr B and instantly I knew that I hadn't been alone in my nervous-ness or my worrying this week. He had been just as nervous and just as worried as me, he just deals with it differently and every now and then he does something special like this that reminds me of that fact.

I absolutely adore having fresh flowers in the house, but they are a luxury we rarely treat ourselves to and even then we only get something simple. With it's red carnations, pink and yellow gerbera's, red rose buds, blue iris' and tightly closed lilly's this is one of the most stunning bunches of flowers I have ever seen. I just can't stop looking at all the vibrant colours and I'm so glad I get to enjoy them whilst I'm home relaxing and recovering for the next week. I really am a very lucky lady.

Mrs B x

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