Friday, November 9, 2012

Tornadoes, Cheese and Cake?!

Today we have experienced tornado warnings of all things....I mean I know in some parts of the world tornadoes are common place, but I live in Tasmania....tornadoes just don't happen here! Apparently they were only little ones, but I have always appreciated and liked living in an area where we are 'tornado free' and it does make me feel uneasy thinking that we are starting to see them, even if they are minor. 

Mr B and I seemed to escape the worst of the weather today - I got caught in a small hail storm and Mr B played in a thunderstorm but thankfully that was all. To be honest my first thought when I saw all the weather warnings around the place was 'I just don't have time for this today, I have baking to do!' Tomorrow I am entering two of my cakes and some jewellery in the Brighton Show. I have never entered my cooking in a show before and I'm not expecting to win anything, it's just something I have always wanted to do. So today I was busy making an orange cake and a chocolate cake with the hope that they will do me proud tomorrow! 

For my birthday a few months ago, Mr B brought me two fantastic cheese making kits. The first thing we attempted to make was a Farmhouse Cheddar. There are a few steps involved in making the cheese, but it's not hard, it's just time consuming and requires more patience then anything - we made this cheddar in mid-September and it's just ready to try now! The cheddar was actually ready to try last weekend, but Mr B and I have been dancing around it for the last week because whilst we were both excited, we were also terrified that when we cut it open it would be blue or that it would taste disgusting. Anyway, with all the talk of tornadoes and the fact that we were locked inside going crazy today, we decided to bite the bullet and try our cheese. I cut a small wedge out of the 1kg round of Cheddar (with my eyes closed....) and Mr B and I both had a small tentative nibble....our eyes widened and there was blissful silence as we scrambled around gathering biscuits and scoffing cheese - it was delicious! And it actually tasted like cheddar!! 

Let me show you some pictures of our cheese making journey! 

The cheese all made and ready to air on the bench for a few weeks.

Mr B coating the cheese in wax. 

6 weeks later.....the finished product! 

1kg of delicious, creamy, home made cheddar cheese! 

I still can't believe we made it ourselves!! At the moment we have some camembert ageing as well so fingers crossed that comes out just as good! 

Mrs B xx 

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