Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainbow Cake

A few months ago when a friend of mine approached me to see if I would make a Rainbow Cake for her, I will admit I was a little taken aback when I saw the photos - these things were freakin' amazing! And they wanted me to do one? My first thought was 'are you insane!?' but my second thought was 'I'll give it a go!' 

Thankfully my birthday fell roughly 2 weeks before she required the cake so it was the perfect opportunity for a test run and this is how it went down....

Earlier in the week I made two vanilla cake batters and divided them evenly between 5 bowls. I used Wilton icing colours to dye each one a vibrant colour......

Post-baking and levelling to ensure 5 equally sized cakes......

After a night in the fridge, all stacked up and ready for a crumb coat of frosting......

4 batches of frosting, 1/2 a kilo of butter and a colony of chocolate butterflys later and we're done!! Mr B and I had to show some MEGA restraint NOT to cut into it last night. We were so keen to see how it looked!

The spread at work today - Flowers, cards and morning tea!
Who's a spoilt girl then!?

Ta-Da!! Cue happy dance, excited squealing and the taking of far too many photos....

Inside shot! 

Oh yeah - the rainbow cake....a total success!! 

Mrs B xx


  1. Oh I love the rainbow cake, very effective! I plan on making a pink cake with different layers of different colours of pink for my four year old's birthday coming up! Your cake came out beautifully!

  2. I think the different shades of the one colour would be gorgeous, especially a pink one for a little girls birthday!!



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