Thursday, January 5, 2012

Butterflies.... goodness, my stomach is churning, my palms are sweaty, my brain is a big ball of fuzzy mush and on one hand I feel ill but on the other hand I would like to curl up with the biggest mug of hot chocolate and the largest block of chocolate I can find...and a good book too of course :)

You see after three years of ups and downs and stress and joy, this weekend, in two whole days, I marry the man of my dreams.

Everything is planned, everything is done, all that is left is for me to make the cake tomorrow, to decorate the reception venue tomorrow night and then that's it...once Saturday gets here it is all out of my hands, I just hope everything goes well, I hope it's as beautiful as I've imagined, I hope I don't fall over walking down the aisle, I hope he thinks I look stunning, I hope it's everything he has dreamed of.

The ladies I work with put on a beautiful morning tea this morning, they really spoil me, I am lucky to work with such amazing people who have really taken me under their wing. They even made me a cake that said Emily loves Tynan!

So there will be a short break whilst we are away, but I will be back in about 10 days with photos galore and I'll have most of my brain cells back so I'll be diving head first back into the kitchen!!

See you all soon,

soon to be Mrs B xx


  1. Congratualations! Hope all goes well.
    Looking forward to the pictures.

    Just remember- if it doesn't all go to plan, take a breath and ask yourself if you really truely care, then get on with having an amazing day :D
    And make the most of it, because it'll be midnight bbfore you know it!

  2. What an amazing day you left your butterflies at home and enjoyed every minute of your wedding. I was honored to be part of you and Tynans special day. Love you both. Nettie. Xxxxx



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